Colonel5 Bio

C5 aka Colonel5, Rapper, Producer, CEO, Husband, Father. And above all, follower of Jesus Christ.

C5 grew up in Kissimmee, Fl. There he first heard the message of the gospel when he was in middle school by a friends father who held bible studies in his garage,  inviting all the neighborhood kids. There the seed was planted although C5 quickly strayed away from it.
    C5 and his friends caused mischief and engaged in illegal activities. They had all kinds of schemes and hustles to make a quick buck.
He also hung out with his older brothers and their friends, which had influenced him. C5 began rapping and making beats in the 9th grade. He also bootlegged music which increased his love for the craft.
     In 2007 he began making mixtapes with his brothers in a group they called The Cannons. They eventually began performing in local clubs trying to etch a name for themselves.
    In 2009 C5 and 2 other brothers got arrested and was facing felony charges which could’ve got each of them 5 years in jail. The charges were dropped and C5 was able to witness his first born grow up and also be blessed with a second child.
    He then got a job with a sub contractor at Campus Crusade for Christ, and there the seed began to get watered and eventually harvested a faith greater than before. 2013 C5 released his first official album titled Blood on my Hands, which is a testimony of how Jesus saved and changed his life. March of 2017 he launched his record label Rags To Redemption Records, and soon to release his sophomore album titled Me vs Me. The rest is yet to be written.

” My purpose is to use the gifts God has given me to glorify God and proclaim the good news of Jesus” -C5